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North Star Productions are looking for investors both large and small who are interested in getting involved in the film industry. People that will help North Star produce high quality feature films with realistic budgets, that we are confident will go on to make excellent profits worldwide.

Our management team includes Neil Fitzmaurice, two time British Comedy Award winning writer and co-writer of the hit Channel 4 TV comedy “Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights”, as well as writer of the feature film “Going Off Big Time” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival before going on to show at cinemas throughout the UK.
It has also been shown on Sky Box Office and most recently Film Four.

Our latest project is “Charlie Noades R.I.P.”, a British film comedy based around an old scrapyard with a plot that includes secret diaries, missing gold and a band of misfits similar to the characters in “The Full Monty”. The film will be directed by award winning director Jim Doyle.

This is an exiting time for the British film industry with the Government announcing its new tax credits, and the coming of the digital age enabling feature films to be shot on much lower budgets, which will in turn bring higher profits for its investors.

We can offer attractive investment packages for both equity and tax liability investors, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.